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Palaces, Forts , luxury and a vivacious culture of the Royal State of India are flashed upon the screen of your mind when you read the word ‘Rajasthan’. The state gives you a glimpse of the Royal Rajputana empire that was known for its gallantry, tradition and extravagant lifestyle. Though tourism has brought most of its colours out to shine, there are many experiences that you miss while just following your fixed itineraries.

Ladakh for a month?
Are you out of your mind? What would you do for a month?
What is there to see for a month?
After hearing this from almost everyone, I was firm to explore the unseen Ladakh with all the more enthusiasm.

Fontainhas Goa

The state was once a Portuguese colony and still has many beautiful reminiscent of the Portuguese era. One of such places is located in the capital city of Panjim. Fountainhas area, near Ourem Creek in Panjim has the Latin quarters of the Portuguese colonists.

sar pass trek

Sar Pass has created its own space in the trekking dreams of the Youth Hostelers all over the world. The experience of trekking through the ancient Himalayan villages like Grahan and the stoners’ town Kasol adds to the elusive high altitude Himalayan experience.

Temples of India, Temples of South India, places to visit at Thanjavur, Things to do in Thanjavur

This ‘Rice Bowl of Tamil Nadu’ is also the capital of art and literature of Tamil Nadu that was nourished even under the rule of Marathas and the British. The sweet smiling people of the city add to the beauty of the city along with colourful dancing dolls and shining Thanjavur paintings.


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must visit places near Manali offbeat stay options

Heading to Manali? Try These Offbeat Options Near it…  

Manali has become like a crowded city of Himachal Pradesh. The people from almost the whole of country head to this place, especially in summers. And most of the visitors find it a dirty, noisy and jampacked place where you don’t even have a place to walk freely. Moreover, the loud music and parties at most places might deprive you ...
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Explore Offbeat Orchha hotels fagun Haveli

Off the Grid in Orchha, A Rejuvenating Experience in a Bundeli Village

Warm cozy bed, soft light and mild soothing cold; a perfect setting to make me lazy enough not to move out my bed despite being aware of an interesting village outside, that might be wide awake busy with their daily chores. Gathering all my strength, when I opened the door of my room’s balcony, I was wished a lovely morning ...
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see visit explore kathmandu living goddess Nepal

Kathmandu in a Day; A Crazy Ride With a Night Long Friend

Munching on a special bhel near the Lumbini bus stand, I was irked by the strong taste of mustard oil in it and was also preparing myself to travel in a jam-packed bus to Kathmandu. And at the back of my mind, I was praying God to send a lady passenger in the next seat so that I can have ...
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must see places Lumbini nepal

Postcards From Lumbini , An Atheist’s Travel Account

Tranquility and spirituality in the air and the flooding divinity can not only be seen but can also be felt deep within your heart. It doesn't matter if you are the believer of the faith or not, it would lure you just get a corner along the central canal or in the wilderness of the bird sanctuary. I didn't really ...
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Bhandadara : Camping by the Lake

The Arthur Lake was formed when Created Wilson Dam was built on  Pravara river  and it serves as the most beautiful landscape for admiring a beautiful sunset followed by overnight camping and star gazing. Difficulty level: Leisure Trip Duration: 1.5/2 days Best Time: Post Monsoon/Winter/Summer Base Village: Bhandadara Contact No: To set up tents (Rs. 600 per tent )+ food (Rs. 200 dinner+breakfast+ lunch on request) Café Dam Corner: (Sanjay Bhau Bhajji Vala) 09423749953 Bhandadara Nisarg Paryatan: 07057730214, 09657476571. Estimated Cost: Rs. 800-1000 ...
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The Horcrux of Mahabharat is safely Hidden in this Himalayan Village

The children in India grow up hearing the stories of the mythological epic of Mahabharat. Even I grew up listening to the dramatic and tragic tales of Kauravas and Pandavas. Everything seemed like a fascinating ancient myth till I came across this village named Oslo on the way to Har-ki-Doon Trek. The village is nestled on the edge of the hills with the mighty river Tons flowing down its valley. Not many would be aware that there are many villages in Garhwal Himalayas, which was the kingdom of the hundred sons of Dhritrashtra and Gandhari – Kauravas. Though the legacy has ...
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Andaman and Nicobar Islands – Into the Blue Waters

This place which inhabits the people of all Indian cultures, states and religion speaking different languages in complete harmony. Fascinated with the clean blue waters of Andaman, we had planned an exploratory trip that turned out to be the best trip of my life in India. We could even manage to complete the trip on a pocket friendly budget. Andaman is essentially a great alternative to any of your foreign trips ...
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The Celestial Architecture in Aurangabad; How to Explore the Town

Plan a trip for your inquisitive mind to the historic city Aurangabad, famous for its vicinity to the famous World Heritage Sites of Ajanta Ellora Caves. This city has a lot to offer to History and Architecture lovers. It is quite hustle free especially during off seasons. It’s a favourite weekend destination for the people of Maharashtra (especially Mumbaikars), Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh. People visiting India from other countries also include it in their exploration list ...
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