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Palaces, Forts , luxury and a vivacious culture of the Royal State of India are flashed upon the screen of your mind when you read the word ‘Rajasthan’. The state gives you a glimpse of the Royal Rajputana empire that was known for its gallantry, tradition and extravagant lifestyle. Though tourism has brought most of its colours out to shine, there are many experiences that you miss while just following your fixed itineraries.

Ladakh for a month?
Are you out of your mind? What would you do for a month?
What is there to see for a month?
After hearing this from almost everyone, I was firm to explore the unseen Ladakh with all the more enthusiasm.

Fontainhas Goa

The state was once a Portuguese colony and still has many beautiful reminiscent of the Portuguese era. One of such places is located in the capital city of Panjim. Fountainhas area, near Ourem Creek in Panjim has the Latin quarters of the Portuguese colonists.

sar pass trek

Sar Pass has created its own space in the trekking dreams of the Youth Hostelers all over the world. The experience of trekking through the ancient Himalayan villages like Grahan and the stoners’ town Kasol adds to the elusive high altitude Himalayan experience.

Temples of India, Temples of South India, places to visit at Thanjavur, Things to do in Thanjavur

This ‘Rice Bowl of Tamil Nadu’ is also the capital of art and literature of Tamil Nadu that was nourished even under the rule of Marathas and the British. The sweet smiling people of the city add to the beauty of the city along with colourful dancing dolls and shining Thanjavur paintings.



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Patan Patola visit Gujarat

Witness The World’s Most Complicated Textile in India : Patan Patolas

Being a garba crazy child in Gujarat, I used to hum the Gujarati folksongs mentioning the expensive Patolas of Patan. Back then, I hardly cared about what patolas were and why were they so expensive. I hardly cared to even know about it until we planned a road trip to North Gujarat covering Modhera, Patan and Sidhpur …
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victorian architecture sidhpur gujarat

Vohra Wad; A European Colony in an Indian Town

Have you ever been mesmerized by those images of the colourful houses that Copenhagen Tourism keeps flashing to attract the tourists? Well, then you would be surprised that India has its own set of such houses with a little pastel shade. Siddhpur is a little town in Gujarat and surprisingly, the travel-crazy Gujaratis also seemed unaware of this quintessential gem …
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backpack Places Gujarat

Backpacking in Gujarat; Think beyond the Rann of Kutch

The shivery wind of winter brings along a flood of tourists to the only white desert of India which makes it a crowded carnival. Gujarat being my home state, I really find Rann of Kutch a touristy extravaganza during the season. Trying to move off the touristy roads, I marked the lesser explored stops for my road trip from Gujarat …
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offbeat Ladakh Kukshow

A Bodhi-Muslim Himalayan Village with ‘Religion No Bar’

“My great-grandfather was a Haji, but, he sent my grandfather to study Buddhism. My grandfather thus became famous as the lama of the Chongzee House in our village. He had studied the scriptures for around 19 years,” narrated the eldest family member of the Chongzee family. The story continued, the lama then asked his father to accept Buddhism …
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chinese temple in mumbai

Kwan Tai Shek – The Chinatown of Aamchi Mumbai

China Town in Mumbai? A town habited by Chinese? How is that possible? Yes, this was my first reaction when I heard about a Chinese temple located at Mazgaon in Mumbai. Honestly, I was totally unaware of the Chinese religions and Gods. Hours of research about the same lured my  curious mind to barge into this hidden jewel on a Sunday morning …
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volunteer India SECMOL

A School That Creates Geniuses out of Failures

“My name is Dolkar and I am from a remote village of Padum region in Zangskar,” said a student who was given the responsibility of taking us around a school campus in Ladakh. “Initially when we joined here, it was too tiring to even take one round of the school, but now, as it is ‘my responsibility’, I got used to it,” she continued. I was surprised to see a young girl like her being so conscious of her responsibility. Moreover, she had just come from a village that is hardly connected to the other parts of the Ladakh region …
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Ayodhya streets temple photographs

In Pictures; The Rustic Charm of Ayodhya

The city of Ayodhya is all geared up for a brand new temple which would almost resemble the Swaminarayan Temples all over the world. There are chances that it may lose its rustic charm of the temple ruins, houses with wooden carved balconies and of course the overall antique look of the town. The town is a blessing for all the street photographers with the colourful doors and the painted walls all around the city. During my exploration in Ayodhya, I could capture a few of them and I just love all of them. Rajeshbhai was totally engrossed in the …
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see visit explore kathmandu living goddess Nepal

Kathmandu in a Day; A Crazy Ride With a Night Long Friend

Munching on a special bhel near the Lumbini bus stand, I was irked by the strong taste of mustard oil …
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reach Nepal India

Planning a Trip to Nepal by Crossing the Border? You Must Read This….

While devouring the inordinate tranquility in the Buddhist Town of Shravasti, a Srilankan coupled created enough excitement for me to …
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places to see in mandawa - Shekhawati Village

The Abandoned Havelis of the Millionaire Merchants of Mandawa

Shekhawati Region of Rajasthan has recently come to tourist limelight for its opulent havelis and open air art galleries. The …
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Temples of India, Temples of South India, places to visit at Thanjavur, Things to do in Thanjavur

The Forgotten Kingdom of Tanjore – Your Guide to this Temple Town

This ‘Rice Bowl of Tamil Nadu’ is also the capital of art and literature of Tamil Nadu that was nourished …
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