Reading the deceiving reviews on the travel portals might confuse you and thus here by, I would try to present before you the unique features of the properties, adventure activities and experiences. The reviews won’t only contain praises of the properties and the activities, but the real picture of my experience. Contact me for the reviews of any Travel experiences. or for Social Media Campaigns on Instagram or Facebook.


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Off the Grid in Orchha, A Rejuvenating Experience in a Bundeli Village

Warm cozy bed, soft light and mild soothing cold; a perfect setting to make me lazy enough not to move out my bed despite being aware of an interesting village outside, that might be wide awake busy with their daily chores. Gathering all my strength, when I opened the door of my room’s balcony, I was wished a lovely morning by the hazy fog spread over the garden. The smell of the wet mud and misty air were all the more refreshing. And the fresh dewdrops made the red roses in the garden look glittery. And to fulfil the need ...
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At Rishikesh, With Live Free Hostel And The Nomads of The World

The spiritual vibes and the devotion of the people in worshiping the mighty river of Ganga was both astonishing as well as amazing for me. The dark blanket of night was all ready to embrace the dark blue sky, the pundits were all dressed up in saffron, chanting the mantras, offering flowers, garlands and diyas to the flowing Goddess who is the sole beauty amidst the green hills surrounding the valley of Rishikesh.  As the aarti started , the flames of hundreds of lamps could be seen spreading the divine charm as the gushing river sparkled in its light as ...
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A Tryst with the Tibetan Medicines at Smanla Guest House

I had specially chosen Smanla Guest House apart from Goji Villa for my stay at Leh. It would probably be the best place away from the hustle and bustle of the market. Only the beautiful location and views do not make it the best place to stay, but also the expertise of the owner in Tibetan medicines makes it an interesting place to stay. So, if don't want simply roam around Leh-Ladakh and spend your time in learning something, then call up Amchi Tsewang now and you would be all set to go in search of medicinal plants in the ...
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Goji Villa – The Best Place for your Leh Stay

The moment I entered Leh, the chilled wind and the snowy mountains welcomed me to this charismatic place inhabited by the sweetest of the people. “Jullay….”, we were greeted by the people all around. I was told that the town of Leh is a bit crowded and thus I chose my stay not too close to the main market. Goji Villa was one of the first places I chose for my acclimatization days and of course for the best guidance for my month-long solo trip across the barren land of Ladakh  from Mr. Tashi Angchuk, the expert owner of the ...
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