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Travel Hippies - Travel StoriesAs the famous quote goes, “Travelling; first makes you speechless and then turns you into a story-teller.” Experiencing the joy of travelling and keeping it to yourself seems quite selfish. I believe “Travelling is real only when it is shared” and thus I narrate my experiences allowing other people to virtually travel to their dream destinations and enjoy its beauty. Read on the travel stories of the travelling hippies.

Travel Stories – The Saga of being a Nomad

The Triund saga

Venture Ranthambore – An Encounter with the Vanishing Beauty

Scuba Diving – An Underwater Journey

The Great people of the Great Andaman

Barataang – An Encounter with the Tribesmen

Havelock – The Beauty of Andaman and Nicobar

Trekking, waterfalls, Dudhsagar waterfalls

In Search of a Treasure – The story of a Disciple of the Mountains

I still remember his smiling face and the calm persona when I first met him on a trek to a waterfall near Mumbai. Least did I know about this wandering ...
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Triund Trek , Solo Trek to Triund, Things to do in Mcleodganj

The Triund saga – A Solo Venture

Solo trek is not an adventure in a way, it's just a simple task of moving out of your comfort zone and testing your limits. As we know, the real life begins ...
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Tigers in India, Ranthambore National Park, National Parks of India, Tiger REserve

An Encounter with the Vanishing Beauty of Ranthambore

Ranthambore national park experience With all hesitation in my mind , somehow I agreed for ‘not my kind of trip’ to the land of tigers - Ranthambore. The moment we ...
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Scuba diving in india, havelock island, andaman and nicobar island

An Underwater Journey at Havelock Island

Since childhood I always believed, in order to swim with the colourful tiny amusing fishes and other creatures of the sea, one has to be either Ariel, the little mermaid ...
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Radha nagar beache, beautiful beaches of india, indian beaches, andaman

The Great people of the Great Andaman

The people of Andaman The island and its people’s courteous and generous behaviour would surely bring the thought of settling down permanently on the islands. By the end of the ...
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Jarwa Girl ,Jarwa Tribe, Andaman and Nicobar Island

An Encounter with the Tribesmen at Baaratang

Modern India… Developed and Technologically Advanced India… The upcoming Powerful Economy of the World…. This is the current identity of our dearest Country everyone would be aware of… But in ...
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Radha NAgar Beach in Havelock island is the most beautiful beach of India

The Beauty of Andaman and Nicobar

After sailing for almost two hours we reached the land held by the crystal clear green water. This beauty eventually made us change our plans of staying  here only for ...
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