Siddhpur; A Must-Visit Offbeat Place in Gujarat

victorian architecture sidhpur gujarat

Have you ever been mesmerized by those images of the colourful houses that Copenhagen Tourism keeps flashing to attract the tourists? Well, then you would be surprised that India has its own set of such houses with a little pastel shade.

Siddhpur is a little town in Gujarat and surprisingly, the travel-crazy Gujaratis also seemed unaware of this quintessential gem. Read more

Backpacking in Gujarat; Think beyond the Rann of Kutch

backpack Places Gujarat

The shivery wind of winter brings along a flood of tourists to the only white desert of India which makes it a crowded carnival. Gujarat being my home state, I really find Rann of Kutch a touristy extravaganza during the season.

Trying to move off the touristy roads, I marked the lesser explored stops for my road trip from Gujarat to Rajasthan. Coastal Gujarat trip is what came to my mind on a first note, forests and hills were the second. In the end, I settled for the North Gujarat route considering the reasons that neither did I want to spoil the untouched coast of Gujarat nor did I want to disturb the animals in the National Parks. (I mean why… why the hell do we need to disturb the already troubled ones?) The roads will take you through the yellow blooming mustard fields and verdant farms. Though the route is quite common among the Gujjus, they hardly stop over these unsung heritage towns. Read more

5 Best Day Trips from Brussels: Explore Belgium beyond Brussels

best offbeat towns in Belgium


Belgium is a European country that hides many beautiful gems for a traveler’s soul. During my 8 days of a short exploratory trip to Belgium, I took some of the best day trips from Brussels. These towns can really make you fall in love with this country. Though Brussels has some grand architecture and the most celebrated flower carpet to offer, the towns like Ghent, Brugge, and Antwerpen show you the different hues of the country. Read more

How do I Afford to Travel as a Jobless Nomad

digital nomad budget travel work volunteer

The question came almost from all of my followers across social media and on my blog. It was interesting that some of my fellow bloggers were also surprised how could I travel so much and collaborate with International brands and tourism boards so quickly while they struggle to build-up their content. I was bombarded with a hell lot of questions after I chose to be a digital nomad for a few years of my life. However, I can more be termed as a freelancer working on the go. Read more

Patan Patolas: Witness The World’s Most Complicated Textile in India

Patan Patola visit Gujarat

Being a garba crazy child in Gujarat, I used to hum the Gujarati folksongs mentioning the expensive Patolas of Patan. Back then, I hardly cared about what patolas were and why were they so expensive. I hardly cared to even know about it until we planned a road trip to North Gujarat covering Modhera, Patan and Sidhpur. Read more

A Glittery Christmas Eve in a Portuguese Colony of Mumbai

Khotachi wadi Portuguese Colony Mumbai

Long before the British Colonised the islands of Bombay(Bom Bahiya), the tiny Portuguese villages flourished at the shores of the Arabian Ocean. There were a number of such Gaothans (Shore villages) earlier but now only a few exist in their original form.

The city of Mumbai is now a metropolitan and the people no longer remember the antique architectural jewels of the city. Unfortunately, these antique precincts are now overshadowed by the high-rise buildings and the modern architecture. However, despite too much of development, a few little towns tucked among the concrete jungles of Bandra, Vasai and Charni Road area have been successful in preserving the heritage.  Read more

In Pictures; The Rustic Charm of Ayodhya

Ayodhya streets temple photographs

The city of Ayodhya is all geared up for a brand new temple which would almost resemble the Swaminarayan Temples all over the world. There are chances that it may lose its rustic charm of the temple ruins, houses with wooden carved balconies and of course the overall antique look of the town.

The town is a blessing for all the street photographers with the colourful doors and the painted walls all around the city. During my exploration in Ayodhya, I could capture a few of them and I just love all of them.

Rajeshbhai was totally engrossed in the work of carving a pillar for Ram Mandir despite being surrounded by a number of visitors. He belonged to Gujarat. Elated by the fact that he was from my state, I soon plunged into a long conversation with him. He said that he has been a sculptor ever since his childhood. He has been a worker for the construction of many of the stunning Jain, Hindu and Swaminarayan temples of Gujarat. He has been devotedly working for Ram Mandir since past 2 years and is expecting the time span of another 4-5 years that would be spent in Ayodhya while building the actual temple after completion of the carving work.

The Stunning Streets of Ayodhya

And he was not distracted even a bit while working with that hammer and a nail! A true unsung artist indeed!

Ayodhya streets temple photographs

A few of the best-decorated flower bowls can be seen in  Ayodhya. During a morning walk at Ram ki Paidi, the flower market takes you back to the bygone era when King Ram might have also walked through this place for his swimming at his pool created out of Saryu River.

The Stunning Streets of Ayodhya

The century-old houses constructed in a temple style are another unique thing about Ayodhya. And such saffron clad people can really be your stunningly vibrant subject 😛

The Stunning Streets of Ayodhya

A part of Ayodhya flourishes with such grand structures while the others are tiny one floored rooms. It clearly shows the societal hierarchy in the ancient city of Ayodhya where the rich lived in the havelis while the lower class and the sepoys were allotted the tiny rooms along the fort streets.

Ayodhya streets temple photographs

If you see the people having conversations with cows on the streets of Ayodhya don’t be surprised. The cows here are pampered a little too much and sometimes, just like a little child, it would follow you eyeing your bag or hand if you have food.

Ayodhya streets temple photographs

Most of the houses have a common compound where they park their cycles and have a well for their daily water need. If you enter any one of them, it reminds you of Mumbai’s old chawls. This wasn’t probably meant for the poor but a huge rich family having a number of members. The wells definitely look pretty with that rustic charm.

Ayodhya streets temple photographs

The size of the house doesn’t degrade its beauty. The tiny houses are painted in red, blues, pink, purple and saffron.  They look utmost beautiful in the mild light of the morning. The streets starting from the Lakshmi Dwar have the best tiny frames waiting for you.

Ayodhya streets temple photographs

And yea! you would see more of cycles and cycle-rickshaws in the streets than the cars or other vehicles. Not so crowded streets make it an all the more beautiful frame for you.

Ayodhya streets temple photographs

Did you ever try climbing up your running cycle? I mean when? When do we even use cycle for a regular commute like this!

Ayodhya streets temple photographs

And then you have the evenings with such photography set in the streets.

The Stunning Streets of Ayodhya

I had taken almost hundreds of pictures with different people against this background. But she nailed the candid pose. The vibrant blue background and her pastel shades blended in to create this lovely frame.

Ayodhya streets temple photographs

This did remind me of a jail but looking at his zeal on a Sunday evening, my mind was forced to change.

The Stunning Streets of Ayodhya

The city centre keeps bustling throughout the day, and such scenes can be seen throughout the day.



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Trek to Kohoj Fort

Trek to Kohoj Fort


Monsoon and Winter season bring the trekking season in Maharashtra. Kohoj Fort Trek is one of the least famous monsoon trek or winter trek in Sahyadris. The trek is admired for its heart-shaped lake named Pazhar and the verdant vistas of the surrounding valley.

  • Height of Kohoj Fort: 3200 ft (980 m)
  • Difficulty Level: Medium
  • Duration: 1 Day
  • Trek Duration: 3-4 hours
  • Base Village: Vaghote (Palghar Region)
  • Best season to trek: Monsoon/ Winter
  • Estimated Cost: 400 – 500 INR (including Public Transport)
  • Kohoj Fort Contact: For Group Trekking Arrangements Contact Gautam Vaishnav +91 97621 24690 (Organiser of Budget Trekking – by Trekraw)

Read more